I'm Shanti, a seventeen-year-old student, aspiring journalist and serial blogging failure.

This is probably my twentieth attempt at starting a blog, and on each and every ocassion I promised myself that I'd keep it up. Apparently this makes me a promise-breaker.

Here's a little about me. In reality I like to think of myself as trustworthy, honest and an advice-giver - not a promise-breaker at all. I'd probably describe myself as a people person because I find talking and listening fun. I'm emotional, sensitive and a complete teenage girl when it comes down to it. I'm a perfectionist. I set myself high standards and if I don't meet them then I'll pretend I'm not disappointed when in reality I am. I'm very aware of how people behave when they're talking to me and the littlest thing that someone says can flip my mood around. I worry about things too much but I try my best not to. I'm not keen on spending time on my own and would rather be with other people. I have to be busy and am the kind of person that gets bored really fast.

I like watching films whilst snuggled on sofas that are too small for the number of people that are sitting on them, going for walks at night, writing pointless rambly posts, reading rubbishy magazines and classic novels, listening to music live and all the rest of the time too, being entirely spontaneous, playing happy songs as loud as possible without causing the driver to crash, planning to travel and then actually doing the travelling, getting wonderfully drunk and being irresponsible, painting my nails, sleeping, watching the sun rise and set, looking at the stars, smothering toast in blackcurrant jam, running down hills, releasing stress by going really high on the swings, having conversations in Spanish and actually understanding what is going on, caramel lattes, wasting hours on the internet and spending time doing anything and everything with my best friends.

When I'm older I want to be a journalist. For now, at least. The only subjects I've ever really enjoyed are those that allow me to extend my knowledge and understanding of language, culture, people and lifestyles. I love Spanish, history and English literature and I intend to pursue one of the three at university. I'm planning on doing a gap year but I don't really know what that's going to involve yet, besides travelling. All I know is that I want to see the world, meet some nice people and write all about it.

When it comes to blogging, I'm not one of those people who has a set idea of what they're going to blog about and writes super focussed posts on that subject really regularly. My writing style will probably end up annoying you. I enjoy using hyphens to create compound words to describe things. I use a lot of adjectives when I'm writing. My spelling gets progressively worse the later it gets (it's 02.06am and I just had to correct the word 'hyphens' which I spelt 'hyphons'), so be warned. I tend to write massive long rambly posts about not very much besides my not-very-exciting life. I guess that's the theme of my blog - me. Sounds terribly self-centered, right? I'm not sure where I'm going with this blog or if it's going to last. It'd be really good if it did, so I'm going to try.

I did an introduction post a while ago, so if this doesn't cover it then check it out here.

You can email me here, follow me on Twitter here or tumblr here or read my occasional articles for The Student Review here.

Ps. I'd love to hear any feedback/read your blog/have a chat. So feel free to make those things happen! ALSO, thank you for bothering to get as far as the 'about' page. It's pretty impressive considering how much I ramble on! Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading. (Is that what I'm supposed to say?)

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